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Julie Harris Joins Hahne Real Estate

Julie Harris - Headshot
Originally from beautiful Delray Beach FL, Julie began her real estate career working for her father’s small family owned real estate company at the age of eighteen. Today, she lives and works in Miami Florida and finds fulfillment in helping her clients transform their lives by finding the home or apartment of their dreams.
With almost ten years of experience working and a lifetime of living in South Florida, Julie takes great pride in sharing her wealth of knowledge regarding South Florida’s diverse culture and lifestyle. She delivers new experiences to her clients while exploring their areas of interests with an excitement and love of the area that is infectious. 
While anyone can sell a home, Julie strives to bring her clients a lifestyle and make the real estate process fun, creative and stress free. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and never shies away from taking as much time as needed to find South Florida’s best hidden gems. 
While starting off her real estate career in Miami in 2011, Julie simultaneously worked in the non-profit word as a teacher for Teach for America in the local Miami area. While balancing two careers, she graduated summa cum laude with an M. Ed from the University of Miami in 2013 and became the first person in her family to achieve a master’s degree. 
Julie is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the local community and has gained strong relationships with local Miami organizations. Julie’s passion, drive, loyalty, and strong character sets her apart from others and makes her an invaluable resource when investing in Miami.
You can reach Julie Harris at 561.573.4021 or

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